IPL 2020 – List Of 4 Reasons That Cancel IPL All Star Match

IPL 2020 – List Of 4 Reasons That Cancel IPL All-Star Match

IPL 2020 - List Of 4 Reasons That Cancel IPL All-Star Match

For the first time in IPL history, an all-star match is going to be held just three days before IPL 2020. All the IPL fans are eagerly waiting for this match. But today we will tell you about 4 big reasons and issues due to which All-Star Match can be canceled. Meaning history can be over before it is made.

1.IPL Franchise Issue

IPL Franchise Issue

The first big reason why the “All-Star Match” can be canceled is the franchise issue. Franchise means 8 teams of IPL means team owner means team management and reports are coming now that the owners and management department of all teams have decided that they will not send their big players to play IPL All-Star Match. |

The decision was taken by Sourav Ganguly, President of BCCI in the IPL Governing Council. That this year there will be an “All-Star Match” in place of IPL Ceremony. But BCCI did not ask the IPL franchise teams on this decision and the issue has been created. Because the players of all the teams of IPL have team bonding before the match, players have meetings with the team management, practice sessions and much more work being done. So teams are not ready to send their big players to play in it three days before the IPL.

Another issue of the teams is that if their big player gets injured during the IPL All-Star Match, then they will not be able to play in the entire IPL season. Because of this, IPL teams do not want to take the risk of their big players. BCCI should look at this issue.

2.Players Match Fees

Another big reason that can make the All-Star match cancellable is the players’ fees. The BCCI had told in the IPL Governing Counseling that the All-Star match will be a charity match, whose money will be given to the families of the Shahid soldiers of the country. The BCCI is thinking that all the big players are there, they should not charge fees for playing All-Star Match. But every player plays for money, the player will not come from other countries to play for free. Every player has a match fee right and BCCI cannot take it from him. If the BCCI considers the Indian player to play, it will take a charity match, but foreign players will not accept it, they will not play without match fees. This can become an issue because the BCCI will have to pay the match fees to the players. If the BCCI does not pay the fees, then the players can agree to play the match. Due to this, the IPL All-Star Match can be canceled.

3.Players IPL  Contract

The third big reason that can cause the IPL All-Star Match to be canceled is regarding the IPL contract. The BCCI announced the IPL All-Star match late since the IPL auction was held in December last year and in that auction, all the players of the IPL were handed an IPL contract and in this contract, it was clearly written that the players should play only the IPL There was no mention of All-Star Match in that contract. BCCI cannot force players to play IPL All-Star Match. If BCCI mentions in the IPL contract that IPL All-Star will be matched, then players have to be forced to play the match. But BCCI did not do this. Due to this reason, the IPL All-Star Match can be canceled.

4.IPL All-Star Match Broadcasting Issue

IPL All-Star Match Broadcasting Issue

The fourth big reason why All-Star Match can be canceled is the issue of IPL All-Star Match live broadcasting. BCCI has not yet decided on the channel for live broadcasting of All-Star Match. The contract issue is also coming in the broadcasting of IPL All-Star Match because “Star Sports” has the rights to broadcast IPL live for 5 years. Star Sports does not have the rights to telecast All-Star Match live. Although Star Sports has the rights to broadcast IPL Opening Ceremony but not All-Star Match. Now, who will broadcast the All-Star match has become a big issue.

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